Artist Statement

The Cascade
Artist / Project Statement

Landscape is relative, performative. Tied to our sense of geography, time and shifting notions of history, it serves as a physical anchor, a philosophical boundary—the innate expression of linear time tied to the measurable boundary of social space. The Cascade Project engages landscape as a permeating condition—a collage of interpretive macro and micro understandings, always in a physical and socio-political state of flux. It investigates the hypertextuality of time, space, matter and information flow, resulting in an alchemical whirl of images that address the collapse of linear time and the generation of personal mythology.

Rooted in a personal connection to the landscape of Southern California which permeates American television from the 1960s-80s, I excavate fluid instances of the conceptual space found in fleeting media backdrops.  This transitory landscape punctuates television narratives, knitted into production, reception and even a shared, macro-level cultural understanding of time and location. The Cascade freezes a trace of this literal and ephemeral physicality in an instant—folding the moment back in on itself as distorted screen captures that undergo myriad transformations.

The hundreds of pieces that make up The Cascade form a virtual archive that engages space, information and time relativity. It suspends geographic (and linear) traces as photographic stills once removed from their physical location by the original filming and again removed by the act of capturing a temporary instance. The archived environments inhabit the very real, the imagined and the transient place of recollection, iconographic of a collapsing space between personal history, geologic reality and cultural production. In The Cascade, both a native and imagined sense of place take on non-linear roles, existing within the relativity of deep digital space.

Characters and commerciality are de-emphasized in favor of transitional space (conflicting narrative time) and regional collisions (shifting camera views), though inevitably present. Compositions are posted in a virtual gallery, allowing the viewer to sift through images in an individualized fashion, while the gallery format allowing connective links to behave as a hypertext supercluster. The project currently makes use of stills from The A Team, Knight Rider, Emergency! and MacGyver, filmed across Santa Clarita, Valencia, Topanga Canyon, Carson, the Antelope Valley and greater Los Angeles County, California.

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