In dreams we’re often able to exist in multiple “physical” locations simultaneously–as in the sensation that you’re inside a building looking out the window, and outside seeing yourself through the pane. We also sometimes find ourselves able to traverse huge expanses in an instant, and back again, skipping many feet of space as if we possess some sci fi ability to manipulate universal space–two points converge. And, in dreams, it makes perfect sense to most of us.

While the piece above, and others like it, are not “about” dreams at all, the idea behind the free, non-linear ability to experience more than one physical location and more than one moment in time, at the same time that we can find in dreams, serves as a useful reference. The challenge of tying various individuals and vehicles into a space that suggests they’re passing through geography, but will soon come together (as they simultaneously come together in layers), is challenging and worth exploring, I think. I’m enjoying the fact that I can push the surface and the idea of any linear narrative right out the window (heh).


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