I’ve been reading a lot of scholarship on space, place, mapping, seeing, transitional geography and digital media. I found excerpts from “Thinking, Mapping, Moving: Considerations in Visual Culture” especially compelling, especially in its investigation of the visual as experience, rather than simply a subject to be looked upon. Of special importance is the space in which we view “things,” the literal and philosophical environment, or landscape, of our sight and thought. Space itself becomes a fluid encounter, because the act of seeing, experiencing, understanding and processing is far more than static reception.

“Marcus Doel (1999) identified the fluidity of located encounters through an analysis of the relationship between space and place. Space, he suggested, is a post-structural form within which the event of seeing “takes place.” Doel posited that ‘place is as an event: it is verbal rather than nounal, a becoming rather than being.’ In contrast to studies of space  in terms of its character and meaning, which tend towards static understanding of context, recognizing place as an event suggests that place is produced through processes that occur in space, including seeing” (Richardson).


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