As you can see, I’m posting the pieces I’ve done the past few days in a batch. I hate doing that because I prefer the post title match the actual date, but sometimes other work gets in the way of web posting. Better to be developing pieces than obsessing over precision posting, anyway.

This manipulation uses the screen cap from day two of the Cascade, a strange internal shot of the El Mirage Dry Lake bed. Here, the original screen cap, my drawn interpretation, an additional drawing, and an additional perspective screen cap are layered and recombined, to generate new spatial planes. I found it was quite atmospheric and emphasized the curve of the cutting road, the moving vehicle, and the sharp-edged Joshua trees, with only a suggestion of mountains at the skyline. This flipped, flattened perspective seems to draw attention to the desert nature of the environment, hinting at human travel in all directions.

The next phase of the Cascade will take these images and push them even farther. Anything that is rather flattened at this stage will be dramatized in the next. 


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