So, I took three days off for the midterm and now I’m back on The Cascade. Day 1 of the new phase incorporates the very first image in the entire series, manipulated by layering the original screen cap with the drawn interpretation from Phase II, and then an additional couple of layers of screen caps–each with a slightly different spatial perspective. My goal is to experiment with the way different geographic positions play with different densities of transparency, and different points in literal time (the van seems to be stationary, moving, and descending all at the same time). There is more than one angled road here, one leading toward, one leading across the horizontal plane. I’m hoping this makes use of both our sense of progressive time, an idea of impossibility in physical space and the transitional narrative of television–which often moves from one moment to another in an instant, transcending time and location.

Trying to avoid muddiness while keeping depth.

Here is a slightly higher contrast version:


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