Another experimentation with movement. The original screen cap found our hero bolting across a flat airstrip, arms and legs ablur. The background melted into a horizontally-inclined swath of moving space, partially engulfing parts of the figure, while maintaining its own odd sense of forward momentum.

In this daily Cascade piece, my goal was to emphasize a multi-point sense of time, blurring the figure’s contact with solid ground.

I’m definitely going to work some of these notions of time-relativity into bigger works. Thanks, Cascade. You led me to a new area of investigation!

As The Cascade nears the end of its next 33-day phase, I have the chance to recognize its immediate contribution to my other areas of work. I’ve re-investigated marks and mark-making techniques I’d abandoned in the recent past. I’ve been working more figuratively, after a longer span of walking the line between representation and non-representation. It began as an exploration of the personal, discovered within broader cultural products (themselves a product of a given historical time) and has grown into both a continuation of that personal space-place, though now folded into a greater interest in the nature of time itself–both as a perceived linear string and as a culturally or socially definable idea.

This is why daily investigations are so important.


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