As always, click the smaller image to blow it up almost mind-bendingly large.

For 8/25 I again worked in dry pastels. I know technically pastels are a form of painting and not drawing, which has been the dominant mode of phase II, but I’ve been applying them in a more drafts-worthy manner, so I’ll let myself slide.

One of the stills from Phase I caught a big rig truck barreling across a dry lake bed, lost in a kick-up of heavy yellow dust. A curving hillside was faintly visible and the fierce movement of the trailer was reduced to a blurred hulk, shot through with interference lines. A strange close-up of the extreme foreground, caught by the position of the camera, managed to catch a couple of straggly weeds.

Here, I actually provided the truck with a little more detail than the original screen cap offered, yet remaining true to the same abstraction I applied yesterday, the truck is still broken down into essential shapes of large, layered color. The strange ugliness of the weeds is emphasized, as they mutate into some of my rock-like shapes.

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