I am about three days behind in posting these and I do apologize. I am skipping a new drawing for the 26th to catch up.

Here, I took the shot of the vehicle interior. A compartment view of the landscape could originally be seen through the distorted windshield, highlighting two police cars and the curving desert hills.

In this interpretation, I rendered larger shapes filled with negative breathing room–open passages of color with blended, hidden marks beneath. I had just finished reading an article on Amy Sillman’s work when doing the daily experiment for the 24th and I kept thinking about her idea that many of her marks are “handwriting in a language that isn’t language yet.” That emergence point intrigues me. In analyzing the rather tight, conflicted space of the van interior and its emphasis on the dramatic tension unfolding just beyond, I tried to minimalize the recognizable shapes, turning areas of safety and escape into open, inviting moments. Areas of tension, like the police drawing in on the A-Team van, became tighter, darker colors interspersed with hidden lines.

Just experimenting, of course.

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