8/12/12 – Phase Two Begins


Click for much larger version.

Medium: graphite, Micron, Prismacolor on BFK Rives paper.

Phase Two of the Cascade translates each of the stills I chose for the first 33 days into some form of drawing: graphite, ink, Prismacolor, combination/mixed media, digital, ink or other interpretive format.

I’ll be experimenting across the board–from literal representation to heavier abstraction, from smooth marks to gestural inflections.

I’ve never used screen cap photographic stills as a drawing reference before, so it should be interesting to investigate the impact the original format (video) has on the secondary format (the still image) , which in turn affects the third output: the drawn mark.

I’ll be posting the drawings I do each day, whether they’re “successful” or not.

Phase Three will combine digital manipulation with the original stills and some aspects of the hand-drawn sequence. Phase Four will use all previous phases (I’ll reveal it later). 😉

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