My step dad spray painted his 1980 Ford Econoline van black with a red stripe in the early 90s. Like the A Team van itself, it was never good at staying incognito.

Both vans were modest compared to the florescent orange 2006 Mustang used by a (temporarily employed) private investigator here in town. Most of the investigators used low-key vehicles, simple dark colors or inconspicuous neutral shades. Doing surveillance on the street, they had to maintain a safe distance and be discrete, diffuse even. Though my boss (the head PI in the office) warned the new guy his orange Mustang was visible from space, the kid refused to use a different vehicle and even bought a lanyard to display his PI license openly. According to the other guys, he’d go into bars and leave his jacket open so chicks could get an eyeful of plastic.

He also got made by the subject every time he did surveillance and eventually quit mid-day, after being spotted for probably the hundredth time. He said he had a “family emergency” and never returned.

AT S2 E18 84

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