“The space of landscape becomes, to apply Erwin Straus’ concept, geographical space…

“in a landscape,” Straus says, “we always get to one place from another place; each location is determined only by its relation to the neighboring place within the circle of visibility, but geographical space is closed, and is therefore in its entire structure transparent. Every place in such a space is determine by its position with respect to the whole and ultimately by its relation to the null point of the coordinate system by which the space obtains its order. Geographical space is systematic.”

–Wolfgang Schivelbusch, Panoramic Travel


El Mirage dry lake bed, Mojave Desert (near Adelanto), California.

Adelanto, Littlerock, Pearblossom, Victorville – tied to my father’s side of the family, where they maintained orchards in the 19th and early 20th centuries… defiantly dotting the arid landscape with fruit.

KR S2 E2 83

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